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Private Real Estate Developers in Thalang, PHUKET, Thailand
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Phuket is Thailand's premier lifestyle and luxury destination.

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Established in 2021

Real Estate Developers in Thalang, PHUKET

The real estate industry in Thailand, particularly in Phuket, has been experiencing continuous expansion and growth thanks to the Thai government’s infrastructure development policies.

Our emphasis was on identifying potential locations that are close to nature, in proximity to the beach, and most importantly, convenient for travel.

Our current

In Progress Projects

We are currently developing three projects in Thalang area. 
A Nordic style independent project, with a total of 14 units, a luxury swimming pool villa project with only 8 units and a luxury tropical villas complex.

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Why Choose Us


Our real estate developments anticipate future needs and trends.

Sustainability Priority

We integrate eco-friendly practices into our projects.

Innovative Architecture:

Our properties blend functionality with striking design.

Client-Centric Designs

Our designs cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences.

Prime Location Selection

We choose convenient, amenity-rich locations for our projects.

Dynamic Growth

We adapt, evolve, and provide value to investors and homeowners.

OUR Projects
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Aiyada Asset projects

The Adamantia Villas

The Peaceful Villas

Detached house

Commercial Townhome

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